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  • Name : Botticino Fiorito
  • Category: Marble
  • Main Color: Beige
  • Synonyms: Botticino Florito, Bottocino Forito

    A light beige magnesian limestone of the Jurassic period (Lias). Consistent light beige stone with pockets of ivory white.

    Chemical Composition(%) of Botticino Fiorito Marble

    • SiO2: 0.20
    • Fe2O3: 0.04
    • CaO: 55.36
    • Al2O3: 0.10
    • MgO: 0.40
    • Na2O: 0.02

      Physical Properties of Botticino Fiorito marble

  • Density(g/cm3): 2.70
  • Water Absorption(%): 0.07
  • Strength to bending(MPa): 122.00
  • Porosity hardness modules of elasticity(MPa):

Botticino Fiorito

Botticino Fiorito Marble has been valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance and is perfect, pretty much anywhere in the house. Botticino Fiorito Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite, often irregularly colored by impurities and used especially in architecture and sculpture. This natural stone is highly durable and resistant to water and grease. Available in a range of gorgeous colors, marble has an attractive texture. Botticino Fiorito Marble is used extensively for bathrooms, entryways and fireplaces, living & dining areas along with other interior and exterior flooring applications.

Beige collection of marble tiles comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look for wall tiles, mosaics and finishing pieces to complete your project. Recommendedyou’re your kitchen backsplash and bathrooms or use them to give new life to your fireplace surround. Marble is a natural stone and due to characteristics of natural stones, each
piece of tile will have shade, color and hardness variations.

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Recommended use of Botticino Fiorito Marble :
Exterior, Interior, Flooring
Water walls, fountains and water features
Bathrooms, spas, saunas and showers, Stone wall facing and panels

Botticino Fiorito

Beige marble fireplace

The beige natural marble is a fine example of a classic chimney piece. The understated elegance and subtle detail combine to create a truly magnificent fireplace.
Includes Surround, Backpanel and Hearth

Botticino Fiorito marble flooring

Beige Marble is a light or dark beige & cream coloured marble, which is especially used exterior and flooring.
Tiles: 12x12, 15x15, 18x18, 24x24 (inch)
Tiles: 30x30, 40x40, 45x45, 60x60 (cm)

Botticino Fiorito marble Steps ,?Rises, Skirting, Window sills

Botticino Fiorito Marble?countertop , specialize for bathroom

Marble countertop standard size:
Prefabricated slab and island top 26"*96", 26"*108", 78"*36", or based on customers' reqeust
Different edge would be available like Bullnose, Ogee, Eased etc.
Other size and design would be available based on customers' design
The slab for marble countertop size:
Small size: 600/700/800mm x free length
Big size: 2400x1200mm up

Marble Slab, Marble Tile and Special Considerations

Marble countertops are available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs as well as the full range of tile sizes from 1-inch mosaic tile up to large 24-inch floor tile.
Marble is a crystalized limestone and therefore big machines (and skilled pros) can polish marble to a mirror-finish, which really brings out the depth of it's color and looks gorgeous.
However, marble polishing is only recommended for counter tops that are lightly used such as a powder bath, tabletop, pass bar or furniture piece, but NOT for kitchen countertops or the wet bar.
Why? . . .
Marble is made of calcium carbonate, which is reactive with acids (fruit juice, soda, coffee, alcohol, salad dressing, etc.) and will "etch" upon contact with acids.

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botticino fiorito marble

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